Souls of the night

Look around,
there are numerous souls
All trying hard,
to find a whole.

In the shadows,
they survive
to seek the light,
so they can thrive.

In the darkness,
they find their solace
With fading faces,
and failing choices.

With their muffled voices,
they still pray
To be head by someone,
till today.

But in the darkness,
they find their own light
To fight the shadows,
Of the night.


Tenebrosity or luminosity?

Those who change, are the doing of time
Those who leave, are the doing of life
And those who stay are the beacons of light.

The one’s that wither are sculptures of tears
The one’s that don’t, get carved out of stone
But the one’s that fight see the twinkle in the sky.

Some see the darkness of light
Some see the light, even in the darkest of times
While some themselves, choose to be the light of life.

Who decides who you are?
For light and darkness are those conjoined twins,
That can make up an entire world or bring it into dust, the choice being of its own.

The stars of the murk

Up in the night sky
there are a million stars,
All glowing bright
without a single scar.

They’ve stayed in bunches
Of not just one or two,
But grew in families
Of more than just crew.

They seem so perfect
to the naked eye,
Yet with imperfections
they still survive.

Accepting each other’s fallibility
through every facade
Making nothing seem like a charade.
In all their majesty
they light up the dark blue sky.

The spring of time

We were the times, under the lilac
blooming during mid spring
The rings of flowers we bring
Trying to cage life within.

When the wrens start to gather
We know spring has arrived
And along with it, our elated spirits
With which we must abide.

So many springs have passed by
With rings of flowers, or thrones of life?
Filling our indecisive minds
With joy and sorrow, all combined.

With every minute, that passes
We stand in debt to time, that chooses
Unwilling to let go of the times
Under the lilac, Blooming during mid spring.


As a kid i was always fascinated with fairy tales, my favorite was The Beauty And The Beast for some reason. I would never really read the book myself, my mom was the one who read it to me all the time, because I was one of those kids who hated reading books but loved to know the story.I don’t know why I was obsessed with it, but I loved the story to such an extent that I would refuse to eat anything unless someone read it to me, weird I know.

As I grew up everyone stopped reading stories to me, so I was compelled to pick up a book and read it myself if I wanted to know what other worldly things were hidden in the pages guarded by the mysterious bindings of the book. At first, it seemed like a lot of work to read a hundred or two hundred pages book, but as I kept reading I realized it wasn’t such a Herculean task after all, and that i could even read a book of eight hundred pages within days.

Just like how a child isn’t willing to read a book because the child thinks it’s too complicated a job, even we as adults or teenagers tend to do the same when we are faced with something new, we judge things without knowing them completely and deem them as impossible, we tend to give up even before we start.

We have this in build fear of failure that has been instilled in us as we grow, that now we are even scared to try because if we fail we know we will not be able to hide from the judgemental eye’s of the world, but does it really matter what the world thinks of us? Is it really worth leaving something that could possibly change your life?

It is definitely hard to come out of our comfort zones, but when we actually do come out we understand our true potential and from that very moment you stop caring about success or failure, nothing anyone says will matter because you know irrespective of whether you have won or lost, it was worth the try.

A bond as old as time

There’s fire everywhere, the enemies have attacked us, the world is in danger, and my wand is pointed at Voldemort who is right in front of me,just as I am about to say expelliarmus his phone starts ringing. Wait, what? from when did Voldemort start carrying a phone, and triiiinnngg is a very weird ringtone to have, and that’s when I wake up and realize that it was all a dream, also that it’s a dreadful Monday morning and I have to go to college, it’s pretty funny how my thoughts can drift so quickly from how to save the world to how to save myself from the difficulties Monday morning brings with itself.

From school days to college days everything in life changes, except Monday mornings. Most of us whether we are in school or college tend to dislike Mondays, but we don’t have a choice, do we?

You are filled with a lot of stress, cause firstly you might be running late for class, because you woke up late and now your hair won’t stay in place cause your destined to have a bad hair day, and look at that! you can’t find any of your things and have no time for breakfast, isn’t that a good start 🙄

Now you have to take your panic filled and stressed out self into college, and as you are walking in the campus towards your destination, you somehow can feel the eyes of the people who may or may not be judging you for some unknown reason, but you still tend to feel uncomfortable cause in your mind you are sure that you’re the object of inspection, and this uneasiness goes away only when you spot the people who would still talk to you even if you were dressed as a trash can.

Friends should be people who don’t judge you for being your weird self, who stand up for you when required, who accept you with your flaws, with whom you can crack the most lamest jokes, and with whom you can talk to for hours and still not run out of topics.

They are people who still hangout with you knowing you can get high without reason and can end up acting like a weirdo, also that you can trip on air and probably can embarrass yourself in almost any situation.
The people who listen to your endless ranting and don’t complain, who listen to your crazy theories and with whom you can laugh, cry and party are called friends.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Hora, Temps or Time

The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole is called time according to the dictionary, but what exactly is time to us in our daily lives? is there actually a progress in our existence? and how much do we really value time?, these are the questions that are probably the unheeded thoughts of our minds.

Time can be anything, it has no form, no shape, but yet has shaped our past, is a part of our present, and is present in the form of our future.
Sometimes life is like a huge desert in which we tend to get lost and we wait to be found by time, the entity which has no physical form or shape but yet is a factor without which we can never find a way out of problems, people say only time will tell, it’s true because there’s no better fortune teller than time itself.

But time changes, today we are in the 21st century, and a lot has passed between what it was then and what it is now, it never stops for anyone and it never changes according to anyone, it’s us who have to change with time, but most of the time we find this difficult, we are just so stubborn to change our thought process, so unwilling to accept another person’s view on a particular matter, that maybe different but not necessarily wrong.
We don’t realize that we make the rules, the rules don’t make us.

So are we really going to waste time by being close minded and not accepting new ways and thoughts or are we going to save time by opening up to new ideas , accepting people as who they are, learning from our mistakes and not grieving over them and blaming others for them, cause only then can true progress of existence take place and that is what time actually stand for.