Passing through the hills
Way past those mills
Howling through the nights
Are those instincts with might

Is it this way or that?
Just need a little pat
From a guide of truth
Who can erase all that’s untrue

Blinded by fear and guided by will
Stumbling into the vague
Wondering like the plague
When will I find a peaceful place?

Nature’s Valley

Shadows of the valley
They say don’t dilly dally
Creepers along the ally
Are being plucked by Mrs Sally.

Crawling along the sidelines
Unnoticed like tittle vines
Only to be plucked out
By the reaper of the divine.

Look at that Lilly taking in the sun
Only to be plucked out by nature’s son
Filled with misery are the valleys of life
Yet flows through it the stream which thrives

Every flower, every creeper, every shadow has a story
One that lives and one that dies
Yet they all combine to form the nature of life.


Some days the skies look bluer
Some days the winds feel colder
Some days the sun looks brighter
While other days the nights feel darker.

Some days the emotions run so deep
While other days you feel so numb
Amidst all the turmoil and uncertainty
Searching for that one beakon of light
Someday we hope to be engulfed by it.

Because some days are going to be better
Some days are going to be more hopeful
We are going to be strong on some, and shattered on the others.

You’ll grow through some
While you go through some
In the hope that one day you’d be a better version of yourself
That someday you’ll not have to search for the beakon of light, but you will become that beakon of light.

The Horizon

Caught up in a swelling storm
Swirling in my thoughts
Trying to hold on to the warmth,
that seems to be fading away with every step that I take.

A wish to be placid and tranquil
A wish that I sent, up into the sky
I’d wished to be happy and content
To have a wish that was only mine.

Somewhere floating on a feather
It was all granted
The storm was silenced
My thoughts were clear
And the warmth was back again

I look up at the orange sky
And I see you waiting at the skyline
I smile to myself and leave
Knowing that you’ll always be my horizon of hope.

The tides of life

Embraced by the warmth of the rising sun
Englufed by the cold winds of winter
Enthralled by the beauty of spring, and drenched in the sorrow of the sky
I grow my wings and fly up high.

Among the clouds I had aspired to reside,
and now that I have risen, I see all that is hidden
Gently stroked by the wind, I sway from side to side
Only to realize that this is just another tide.

No amount of height can ease the pain
No gust of wind can carry regret away
For every height and every depth contains its own troubles.

So, why do we say my problems are greater than yours?
Why do we think power is greater than God?
For after all we are just mortal beings
Who rise and fall like the waves of the sea.

A little Shadow

Somewhere in the corner of the darkest alley
I find myself looking at a blank wall
Unable to fill the voids
I find myself locked like a caged doll

I see a thousand shadows move
Sliding by me, fast paced and unnoticed
Making their way into the world
Some gaining form
While the others blurr

The wall is unmoving and cold
But I’ve never been so bold
Dwelling between doubt and hope
I fail to see the small crack
Which can bring things back on track

As I move my hand along the wall
I see a shadow slide into that little hole
Pulling me along with it to the other side
I wonder who it was
For it has now gone

I embrace the light
For it’s time to make a choice
It’s time to fill these voids
Then I turn back, under the shade of realization
I see the little shadow
Sliding behind me, with a vow to always stay beside me.

Wanna Know you better – challenge

Thank you so much Ket Cage for nominating me for the Wanna know you better challenge, I had great fun doing it. It feels amazing to be a part of this, it’s a great way to get to know and connect with people.


  1. Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!”
  2. Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to this post.
  3. Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  4. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  5. You may create your own questions for your targets (it will be fun)
  6. Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favorite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  7. Add a link of your post in the comment section below so that people may come to know about you, your blog and your fun. (in the comment section of Host’s post)
  8. State the steps.

Since the time I have started blogging Ket Cage has been really supportive and encouraging, and is an amazing blogger, check out https://cynicalsouls.wordpress.com/2019/06/01/am-i-late/
for amazing content.

This challenge was created by Riya, whose blog I recently just read, it’s amazing how she writes such good poetry with so much meaning in it check out World Of My Thoughts for beautiful writing.


First, 10 briefly explain questions:

  1. What really makes you angry? Selfishness is something that makes me really upset, because when people become selfish nothing is genuine anymore.
  2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I really like food a lot, it’s something that gets me upbeat when I am low, so I wouldn’t want to be stuck with just one dish, but if I really had to choose, then it would be chat.
  3. What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is fear itself, fear is like a leash which keeps you tied up, it cuts your wings and holds you to the ground.
  4. What has been your best moment this year? My best moment this year was when we won the hockey tournament.
  5. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year, Where Would It Be? I would love to go to Fairbanks, Alaska, when the sky glows with the aurora borealis.
  6. How do you relieve stress? Food is my favorite stress buster, but apart from that I write, read, try to sing but end up sounding like a toad xD, watch shows.
  7. Would You Rather Go To Space Or To The Bottom Of The Ocean? I would go to space, because I like the idea of floating around where neither judgements nor gravity can ground you.
  8. What’s your favorite season? Winter is my favorite season. I like the cold for some reason.
  9. What’s your favorite sport? I love playing hockey, badminton and basketball, and I am a huge fan of F1 too.
  10. Did you like Riya’s blog ?

Yes I do, it’s amazing.

What would you prefer?

  • Beach or mountains
  • Ice cream or milkshakes Ice cream
  • New York or Paris
    New York
  • Ugly genius or Good looking stupid
    Looks don’t matter to me.
  • Pizza or Burger
  • Summer or Winter
  • City or Village
  • Spring or Autumn
  • Mathematics or Science
  • Train or Aeroplane

I’d like to nominate

  1. Ket Cage
  2. Rashi Singh

Since I am fairly new to this and this is my first challenge whoever reads this post is free to nominate themselves.

    The ship of fear

    With smiles that do not falter
    With nods that do not alter
    With handshakes being a friendly gesture
    We learnt to be resilient, like the rock of Gibraltar.

    Through these forced smiles
    Embodied by these fake laughs
    Don’t you think it’s time to alight, from this ship of fear
    The fear of being judged, by the one’s who claim to be dear.

    It’s time to embrace who you are
    To free yourself, from the floating clouds of judgment
    For those you call dear should be the one’s, who stand by you during every storm of life
    Not the one’s who gloat and judge like the passing norms of life.

    What does it feel like?

    What does it feel like to be an eagle?
    Who soars high up in the sky
    With never dethering ambition
    And with wings that always try.

    What does it feel like to be engulfed
    by the protection of family?
    Like little Joey, fast asleep in his mother’s pouch
    Knowing she’s always going to vouch for her little kangaroo.

    What does it feel like to grow with the same similarities and loyalties?
    Like the field of daisies
    Sharing the same soil, water and light
    Forging a never ending bond of friendship.

    There’s so much to wonder at every phase of life
    So much to discover as we move on with time
    And yet again we find ourselves lost among the things we have and the one’s we don’t.